Fashionably Late


DLX version of My debut project #fashionablylatep out now on iTunes here.




Known for my conceptual writings / works of art
precise & subtle yet tastefully decorated detail$ .
growth mindset . the vantage point i attain allows me to view the bigger picture
this is why i take pride & am conscious of the messages I provide & the direction i lead
knowing who I am internally combined with having this vibrant vision of what I wanna be & where i wanna go works to my advantage
this is why I am able to consistently take steps forward because after knowing where your trying to go , its now just a matter of when you wanna get there . 
we are our only limitations , negative thoughts are the only thing that hold us back
lack of self confidence poisons the mind into thinking it can't do something
I fooled my myself into thinking anything is possible . therefore  if i really want it i can really  get it . 
motivated by an abundance of things

- wanting to see my mama not have to worry
- to get all the fly shit & jus shit I always wanted ( whips properties skatepark in the backyard movie theatre in the    house .. all the shit - prove to myself it wasn't just a vision
- to be able to give opportunities & create avenues to success for the youth & everyone in general .. we need more $ I feel like none of us deserve to live like some of us  are forced to .. we gotta look out for each other its the only way ..  niggas go do what they gotta do & its go be like how it be but jus entertain it & make sure you doing what u can do … think of others besides yourself , humble yourself & elevate the world

I got a global ambition & ultimately just want to righteously inspire creatives & innovatives to be comfortable being themselves ,to take pride in originality & that there are no rules and/or things you CANT do! 
I want emotion to be triggered ,  I want you to see what I'm saying & feel what I'm saying as if it happens to you.
change the game , add to the culture , respect the culture , be genuine
& honest
my work is very complex & divine , balanced with simplicity & futuristic characteristics
I watched a pharrel interview& he said something along the lines of..  if you made every decision considering what that move would mean 10 years from now you would be so much better off .
( which means reflecting & taking time to think before you act ) 
I listened to that so every move I make is 10 years ahead processed & evaluated . 
Im considering what the reaction/result would be if I did this
or if I put this out
I move very strategically yet organic
my methods are very unorthodox & esoteric.. only a specialed few are going to understand it at first & thats ok .those early adopters ill forever  bless ..
others will catch on & adapt once they see everyone else on it. 
to afraid or confused to form an opinion of there own they rely on somethings they trust or idolize . 
I'm connected & respected internationally because of the content i advocate & the wave I'm creating .. the lane i established my self in is my own
high end smoking music  tailored around my lifestyle.
One that considers hidden detail & texture asthetique & the quality of how something is / crossed with not giving a fuck going with the flow bending the rules to innovate
im a skateboarder before anything and thats what shaped who i am as a person . 
this is probably why going out everyday tryna get it is embedded in me
tryna learn a new trick ( something new ) is embedded in me
the grind I'm accustom too
never giving up.. get that ass up & try the trick again.. i can't give up i wasn't trained to do that ..
get buck or buckled
go big or  don't go nowhere at all..
I was always told if you gone do it , do it all the way right or don't it at all…
aint no point to half way do it .. you look foolish doing that .
a sucka gone be flossing before he really got it
a real one gone take 2 steps back to make 10 forward ..
be patience wait your turn. take advantage of all opportunities don't put nothing past none
walk your path don't run it
faster you get on the faster you get off
never stop learning
be openminded
dont tolerate disrespect
never love these hoes
know yourself
protect your visions/dreams/who you are
look out/be there for family
watch out for the fuckboys
forgive but never forget
distance ya self from distractions & stay disciplined
never conform or alter your beliefs or personality because of someone else
trends come & go
don't follow them . Invent them !